About Drama Geeks

First and foremost, Drama Geeks is a club where children can have fun and really be themselves. I believe that everyone has something to offer, its all about discovering what exactly that is and nurturing it so that it blossoms!

I believe the future of theatre lies with the creative minds of our next generation and so being able to devise their own work from an early age is a necessity for children today. More importantly, Drama Geeks offers a creative outlet that is accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or ability. Each week the children will be given the opportunity to use their imagination, develop their own characters and perform work that they have created themselves. Each term we will also take a look at the work of various theatre practitioners and explore how we can use these techniques in contemporary theatre.

There will also be opportunities to take part in a multitude of workshops - from clowning and psychical theatre to sketch comedy and musical theatre. We will explore interactive theatre, immersive theatre and promenade theatre; the theatre world is constantly changing and becoming more inclusive of new and exciting ideas and Drama Geeks will follow suit!

Working in The Little Theatre, Cleadon is also a massive privilege that I am extremely grateful for. It’s not every day that you get to train and rehearse in an excellently established working theatre! There will be opportunities to see how the theatre works; lights, sound, curtains, costumes, front of house, marketing…the list goes on. Also, not only will there be termly productions within the school, but there will also be opportunities to get involved with the senior productions throughout the year.

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